Accumulation of generational wealth has been cited as the best course for the correction of black wealth. However, owing to the great economic recession, which occurred a decade ago, and the historical racial disparities, passing down tangible financial investments has been a rare occurrence among the black communities. As a result, black net worth about 10% of white net worth in the USA.

Although there hasn’t been a significant debate on the vast difference, black communities are beginning to learn the importance of passing down real estate and businesses to their children.

So to break this trend, black entrepreneur William Moxey knew that passing down something to his children was imperative.

The father of four passed down an ATM business to his children. He announced that he hopes to instill in his children the importance of money lessons and equip them with the essential skills needed to operate a business.

Since when he was 12 years old, William always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Like many young entrepreneurs, William started selling CDs and growing into selling T-shirts, sneakers, and different merchandise.

He credits his mother for being an excellent example of a business owner and raising him to become a whole entrepreneur. Since when William was born, the mother was a full-time entrepreneur and operated three hair salons located in Florida. He watched his mother run the hair salons, which brought him the ambitions of wanting to own businesses.

William also teaches others how to start their own ATM business. He launched Quickbux Academy that offers a course that can help a person learn how to get started with that business.

You know that we always give props to fathers who step up like this and make sure that the next generation is stronger and wealthier than the one before his. So we have to give props to this brother. Good luck to him and his family.