Black fathers get a bad rap. In the media we are often painted as deadbeats who leave their families hanging to figure it out on their own. The actual stats tell a different story. There’s more Randall Pearsons, Christopher “Julius” Rocks & James Evans out there than people would assume.

The perception is starting to change thanks to social media and the many celebs that we have who are good dads like Will Smith, Lebron, Kevin Hart and others. The trend is definitely changing and other folks are starting to find out that…

Black Fathers Are Good Parents

According to the center for health statistics, when you factor in similar living situations, black fathers actually do spend more time with their kids on average.

This means that a black father is more likely to play with the kids, spend time having breakfast and/or dinner with the children and talking about their day. Black dads are also more likely to read to their kids by a large margin than other races. You don’t hear that often.

Take a look a the stats:

Fatherhood Statistics

Key Takeaway: Fathers Who Live In The Home Spend The Most Quality Time

No matter what race the father is, the stats clearly say that the time spent with their children is dramatically different when the father lives at home. This should be no surprise to most of us. After all, it’s impossible to eat breakfast with the kids every day, or put them to bed, when you wake up in a different house.

Even if you know it, this hits home a little bit more when you see the stats on paper like the chart above. It is a big reminder that it’s impossible to replace the time that you miss when you live in different households than your children.

If nothing else, these statistics should encourage men and women to try a little harder work it out when times get tough (if possible). No matter how we might think we can co-parent, nothing beats having a father in the house.