It’s no secret that the leadership of the NFL did not support kneeling for the flag as a form of protest of police brutality. As a matter of fact, thanks to their policy of fining players for kneeling, the rest of the country was given permission for being AGAINST the players & their cause.

People have made up nearly a dozen different unfounded reasons why this form of protest shouldn’t be done:

  1. You don’t get respect by showing disrespect.
  2. Disrespecting our country inflames racial tensions rather than moving towards harmony.
  3. Studies show there is racial stereotyping (even among minorities) beyond the criminal justice system. The protest does not address the real problem.
  4. There is peer pressure being put on NFL players to take sides during an activity that should unite them and their fans.
  5. Sports stars have a great life so why show contempt towards a country that makes it possible?
  6. This protest actually separated like-minded people. That is a fail!
  7. Not one single person, behavior or law is changed by football players refusing to stand for the anthem.
  8. It corrupts the usually fun and patriotic atmosphere before a football game.
  9. It’s a slap in the face to people who risked their lives for our country or lost loved ones doing so.
  10. There is no measurable successful outcome.  

They found every excuse in the book to avoid addressing and supporting the actual reason for the protest.

Then something changed. It might have been seeing one of the last black men, George Floyd, die in graphic detail (there’s been several since then to choose from), or it might just be that they are tired of watching the country burn in protest. Whatever it is, it seems that the leadership of the NFL is finally ready to understand what’s going on and support their players.

Here was their stance last year…

He wanted to fine players for kneeling during games.

That’s why this interview is so interesting. It’s a public mea culpa of sorts from the boss of the NFL who indirectly shapes the thoughts of white America (Football is that important).

The only other white person that could top this interview is if Trump himself actually admitted that there was a good reason for the protests.

Of course that’s not likely to happen, so we have to settle for this great interview that ex NFL player and all around good guy Emmanuel Acho did with Roger Goodell. Watch part 1 and part 2 below.

Props to Emmanuel Ancho for this interview and his amazing Conversations With A Black Man series. If you haven’t watched the other episodes make sure that you click here and enjoy them.

I wonder how many other surprises 2020 has in store…