We first saw this father and son duo of comedian DJ Pryor and his son Kingston a couple of weeks ago when Will Smith reposted his adorable father and son video. It was so cute that it got 11 million views.

These two are now on their way to super stardom. Clarksville, Tennessee native DJ Pryor has been doing stand up for 16 years and now, just by his wife posting this moment of everyday realness with his son, his dream is becoming a reality. Agents are calling, Hollywood roles are coming and the checks are cashing!

(Editors note: You can’t tell me that’s not God working!)

Just so that you can get a sense of how fast all of this is taking place, restaurant chain Dennys quickly tapped these two for a father’s day commercial. Take a look at it below:

Hilarious. we can’t get enough of that cuteness.

You can see the original video featuring DJ Pryor and his son below.

Here’s an interview that he did with Chris Cuomo on CNN:

We look forward to seeing a lot more of DJ Pryor. We wish him, Kingston and his wife all of the luck in the world.