All of us won last night. Yes, you got that right, every single one of us in the community won in the Earth Wind & Fire verzus The Isley Brothers Battle.

On Sunday night Earth Wind & Fire went head to head with a song battle against the remaining legendary Isley Brothers Ron & Ernie. This was shown on Swizz Beats and Timbaland’s Versus show which was hosted on Triller. It was hosted by Steve Harvey and backed up by everyone’s favorite DJ, D-Nice.

Over 500,000 people showed up to reminisce while listening to songs that we all grew up with. You remember what you were doing when you heard Reasons or Who’s That Lady and at least a dozen other songs from these musicians with careers spanning a combined 100 years.

If you can’t hum at least one, you aren’t invited to the cookout without a parent or approved escort, point blank.

Here’s what we loved about the Earth Wind & Fire Verzuz The Isley Brothers battle:

01 Ronald Isley’s Runs

Yes, he’s still got it. Mr. Biggs showed up and showed out even though he was mostly singing over a track, which is something you know they usually don’t do. But hey, nothing can stop his shine.

02 The Mutual Love And Respect

There was no drama or beef with these brothers. You could feel the level of respect that they had for one another. Class. Pure class.

03 Back To Back Cookout Anthems

After listening these legends perform their hits you realize that black cookouts would have been impossible to have without their music for DECADES. The Gap Band, Parliment & Confunkshion could have only have taken us so far. We needed these brothers.

05 The Production Quality

This setup was perfect. Past Verzuz battles haven’t always been a well put together, but they got it right for this one. This round of the series featured a polished set, quality lighting, and camera tricks and founder Swizz Beatz hinted at more developments in the future. “We’re just starting Verzuz,” he wrote in the comments.

06 Steve Harvey Hosting:

He did the damn thing. Steve’s years of hosting Showtime At The Apollo (and everything else after) has sharpened his skills so well that it’s safe to say that he might be the absolute best host in the business for a black event. This one didn’t even seem like a production. Steve made the soft spoken group members feel so comfortable that this felt like a group of friends in a living room just playing hits.

07 Learning The Story Behind “At Your Best You Are Love”

’The Isley brothers performed the lyrical love letter that became an Aaliyah hit with their signature suaveness before Ernie Isley shared the motivation behind their writing choices. “We were always trying when it came to our love songs to deliberately compliment a woman,” he said.

08 D-Nice’s Slow Jam DJ Set

The DJ behind this year’s quarantine baby boom spun a mini set of sexy jams from both groups at Harvey’s request. The salute to old school baby making music was so smooth that Harvey got out of his seat to serve choreo during Earth Wind & Fire’s “Would You Mind.” “A lot of ya’ll was conceived on that,” he quipped.

09 The Surprise Group Finale

The two groups got together for a duet of the legendary “For the Love of You (Part 1 & 2).” They even let Steve Harvey sing a bit to this one. And the set was so good that we didn’t even mind one bit.

10. Ronald Isley’s Beard

Ronald Isley Beard

Look, Ron Isley gave us example number 11,987 of Black Don’t Crack with his beard swag. He’s 79 years old but even 40 year olds were looking at him and rethinking their age difference requirements. As the song says, Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number. He’s still holding it down for the older brothers.

Watch the whole Earth Wind & Fire Verzuz The Isley Brother’s video below