Former NFL defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts, Gerome Sapp, is no stranger to the business world. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple tech and retail based companies since he stopped playing in the league 2013.

Sapp is back at it again with his latest Fintech start up Rares App ( A platform for investing in shares of particularly notable sneakers — think game-worn shoes, the hardest to find or those that were never mass produced.

It didn’t take long for him to put this project together. Since he already had experience with his previous startups, that led him to Vegas to collaborate with the late tech visionary Tony Hsieh, he had all the knowledge he needed to build this company efficiently. Rares got accepted into one of the country’s most coveted tech accelerators, Tech Stars, and it quickly came together.

Gerome posted this on his Instagram account last recently, “The Stock Market, Finance and Trading have always been passions/hobbies of mine. Just like my love for sneakers. So during the quarantine, when I had nothing but time on my hands, I figured why not combine my two passions (The Stock Market & Sneakers) and turn it into a unique business that provided millions of people access to rare, high priced sneakers via ‘fractional ownership.’ So I created the worlds first TRUE stock market for collectible sneakers called RARES! We buy the sneaker, you buy the shares in that sneaker via an IPO on the RARES platform. If the value of the sneaker rises, so does the value of the shares you own in that sneaker. Just like a traditional stock. Also, RARES is regulated by the SEC! So you can potentially make money off of the appreciation of a sneaker without ever having to physically own the sneaker. No more lines… No more lottery’s… No more paying high consignment prices… Just buy shares in the sneaker on the ( platform.”

The site is a hit with sneakerheads across the country. It has thousands of users already who are buying shares of classic sneakers like rare Air force 1’s, Kobe & Michael Jordan’s classic kicks and more. Visit the site at

Watch Gerome explain the company to Rolling Stone on it’s launch day: