To us watching as Lebron James interviews Barack Obama doesn’t feel like watching a regular interview. It’s something entirely different. I looks more like a 59 year old man having a conversation with the 34 year old son of one of his close friends.

Obama Greets Lebron On Team USA During the 2012 Olympic Games

We’ve all seen many interviews of our favorite president, but it’s nice to see him doing one that he’s actually enjoying for once. He isn’t any less presidential in it. Oh no, that’s in his blood. He’s always the most perfect guy in the room. But you can see that he’s super relaxed and legitimately happy to be there.

Lebron & The Miami Heat visit the White House after winning an NBA Championship

In this interview they touch on a wide range of topics. Police shootings, how Obama actually got the players back on the court for the 2020 season, organizing politically and why he says that black people getting mad is good.

Yes, he really said that. Check out the video to understand what he meant…

Lebron James Interviews Barack Obama

We miss this guy.

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