NBA superstar LeBron James is teaming up with retail giant Walmart as part of a campaign to provide food, essential supplies and educational support to at-risk families.

The Los Angeles Lakers star is featured as a leading spokesperson for Walmart’s Fight Hunger Spark Change campaign, which raises money for the Feeding America nonprofit through the purchase of participating Walmart products. Every participating purchase helps secure someone a meal through Feeding America food banks, per the initiative.
Lebron Teams Up With Walmart To Help Fight Hunger

So not only is James lending his voice to the campaign, but Walmart is giving back to LeBron’s school, stocking a pantry at I Promise with food, toiletries, clothing and other necessities — all of which are available to the school’s students and their families, as reported.

More than 975,000 meals have been secured through the Fight Hunger Spark Change program thus far, according to Walmart, with more than $74 million in donations to Feeding America flowing through the campaign since 2014.

“What we hope to accomplish together with LeBron is to magnify each other’s efforts,” McMillon said alongside James in a second video. “We would love to help this model that he’s creating lead to a situation where it could help even more people.”