Meek Mill has been had a tough few years. Between court cases and bad breakups he’s been through a few things. But that’s ok because sometimes it takes some bad times for you to really find your purpose.

He’s come out of it and it looks like he’s found some direction. Along with his strong advocacy of prison reform he’s also gotten focused on doing the right things with money:

This is a message that is always on time. Every financial advisor on the planet will tell you that buying property instead of cars and jewelry is definitely the right thing to do.

Investing in the hip hop generation

Nas & Jay Z Have 9 Figure Investments

This new business focused mentality is starting to look like it’s turning into a hot trend amongst our entertainers. Nas & Jay Z, Diddy, 50 Cent and even Chammilionaire have all made over $100m from investments. Now our people know that there’s serious money to be made in investing. That’s even more money than most artists can ever make rapping.

Now, there’s a serious trend towards buying real estate. The late Nipsey Hussle was a great example of this. He literally “bought the block” and also created businesses in the area where he grew up. Hopefully this continues. When black people start making something cool we all pile on and really blow it up. Maybe, just maybe, we will finally start owning our neighborhoods (again).