Pharrell Williams was recently the commencement speaker for the Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy‘s graduating class of 2019. If you aren’t familiar with this New York charter school you should be. They have been a shining example of how controlling our children’s education leads to a better outcome for our kids.

Usually, having someone like Pharrell speak would be THE big news but Pharrell is the kind of guy that always takes things up another level. He dropped a major bomb in his speech:

“Let me be clear…every member of the 2019 graduating class is guaranteed an internship waiting for them—you—next summer,” Williams told the grads. He’s promising to give the entire class of 114 kids their first internship. The kids jumped to their feet and cheered! You can see that moment in the video below:

Pharrell ‘s Charity Work

We have to give it up to Pharrell. He does more then just give internships to the kids, although that’s huge in itself. He has a long history of doing great things for kids that most people don’t know about.

In 2008, Pharrell founded a nonprofit, From One Hand To AnOTHER Inc. (FOHTA), with the mission of promoting a new vision for the US educational system called S.T.E.A.M.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Motivation). 

FOHTA puts together 6 week summer camp programs for 1,000 low-income kids in 6 states — Virginia, Florida, Arizona, California, Missouri, and New York — The camps are meant to give these kids a lot of exposure to learning through technology.

In 2011, Pharrell dropped $35 million, yes THIRTY FIVE MILLION, into the Pharrell Williams Resource Center, which gives Virginia Beach kids from the neighborhood a place to stay after school and study.  If you are from these kinds of neighborhoods then you know how important having that safe place to stay is.

You can see more of Pharrell’s charity work here.

We have to give Pharrell all of the props in the world for doing what he does for our kids. You know he’s doing it all from the heart.